21 February 2013 - „Reactivation”

Finally! After quite some time of not updating my site has, I'm back. But what's this? Where are the blackness and hi-tech buttons on the left side?
I've decided not only to update my site, but change, virtually, everything, making it much more user-friendly. It is simplified, colors more pleasurable to look at, and focuses solely on my artistic attempts, the games and music sections now gone.
I'm pretty sure a lot of people who know HTML and stuff will laugh upon looking at this, since it was done with OpenOffice ;) But I'm no programmer, and this type of site perfectly suits my purposes.
And the forum has disappeared.
To compensate all this, some new pictures are waiting to be seen in the art section :) I've cleaned up the art section a bit, thumbnails are now larger, making it easier to view, and some works have been removed since I've considered them subpar with others.
Until next time...

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